The Pirate Ship


It is the beginning of the 18th Century.  You and your shipmates are navigating toward your home country after a bountiful trading trip.  Anxious to return home with your riches and treasures, your Captain ignores the signs of the sea and steers the ship into danger.  Fortunately, you survive a tumultuous storm at sea but your ship was broken into pieces by the unrelenting waves.  By luck and fortitude, all of you make it safely ashore onto a lone island that arose from the middle of the sea.  You forage your way through a thick and unforgiving jungle, attempting to find suitable shelter, food, and water sources.  One day lost at sea and two days on land, you reach the other side of the island and see a large ship anchored.  Famished and thirsty, you approach the ship and are ambushed by a band of pirates.  They force you onto their ship and don’t believe that all your treasure has been lost at sea.  You are locked in a room and in sixty minutes the pirates will be back.  When the time is up and they return, your choices are either to take the pirates to your treasure, or…you perish at their hands…no matter that no treasure exists.  Your only chance at survival is to escape the room located deep within the ship’s hold, before the pirates return.  Crew, you must work together or put your fate in the pirates’ hands.






2 - 6 participants

Opening March 14